oh hey!

Hi! I’m Tesa Blue and I’m a very clumsy, hardworking person.  I am a former coffee shop cashier turned Irish pub waitress, a Mexican American, a girlfriend, a family member, an assistant wedding planner, a bed head, New Yorker and I’m someone whose just doing the best they can. I believe in true love, fake diamonds, angels, post it notes, procrastinating, fluffy things and cats.  I’m starting this blog because I have a nagging feeling that I’m gonna grow old and get Alzheimer’s and forget my whole life and I want a physical (or virtual) testament to who I was and what I did with my life (youth is fleeting and but the internet is forever). Also my mother said its always nice to look at old photos of yourself and think about how beautiful you used to be when you were young so I also kinda want this to be about how vivacious and bright eyed I am/wish I was.  And I happen to photograph everything and be all over the place all the time (in more ways than one) and have a compulsive need to write.  So why not, I’m gonna give this blog a significant amount of effort and be excited about it.  If someone besides me is reading this let me know, cause that’s amazing!

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