whats in my bag: random working girl edition


Primarily I made this list for myself so that I could check it before I leave the house. And it’s been helpful when I remember to do that though most days I leave the house having forgotten to check the list. C’est la vie.  Also warning, my bag is always ridiculously heavy because I always have a random assortment of these things and I don’t have the magical Mary Poppins bag.

  1. wallet with my movie pass card, debit card, picture of my sister at graduation (more loved one pictures to come), those stupid coffee punch cards, a sprinkle of cash (usually $5) and mta cards.  I usually carry at least 5, one of which has some money on it (I keep meaning to sharpie the functioning one up so I don’t swipe all the wrong cards before I finally get to the real deal but alas I’m not there yet). Also my movie pass card is the best gift I EVER gave to my self.  You pay $10 a month and can see basically any movie at any movie theater for  no charge.  You can go every single day if you want but cost wise its worth it even if you just go to one movie in the whole month.  Movies in Manhattan are around $20 per ticket.
  2. makeup bag (my essentials are sunscreen, chapstick, lipstick, mascara, concealer, powder and an eyebrow pencil, compact mirror)
  3. pens, note pad, and journal (always useful) Also I suggest in your notebook keep a page with all the numbers of your people in case your phone dies and you don’t know any of them by heart cause you’re a millennial. Also your business cards if you have.
  4. a form of id (in case you get gruesomely murdered and no one can tell who you are or if you wanna see an R rated movie)
  5. ear phones, charger, sometimes laptop (if I’m using my big bag and if I think I might be attacked by a sudden urge for productivity)  Not often though…usually when I leave the house I just wanna buy food so I have to bring
  6. snacks, meal (i.e cup of noodles cause you can just throw it in the bag and it’s fifty cents) water, mints/gum, hand lotion, post it’s, tampons/pads, Swiss arm knife, pepper spray
  7. your damn keys

8. Hand sanitizer, cause it’s nasty out here

9. headache pills/medication, eye drops, safety pins, band aids, tooth brush, toothpaste, makeup wipes, mini deodorant, mini perfume, cute tissue packets, and a book (right now it’s Wounds of Passion by Bell Hooks which I strongly recommend).

11. In winter those hand warmer things (such a blessing when it’s freezing out and you’re stuck at a outside subway station until the MTA gets its shit together).

so… thats it/a lot.  I am definitely going to have back problems later in life.

Also what is the most useful thing you carry in your every day bag? let me know!

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