October favorite things

These are my highest recommendations/the things I enjoyed the most this last month.

  1. Stila glitter eye shadow

The color I got is kitten karma and it’s a sparkly nude.  I’ve never ever gotten more compliments on something I painted my face with.  It dries really quick and doesn’t get glitter completely all over your face.  I wear it to work, to the doctor, to the park etc, everywhere, all the time.  Especially to work cause I have to wear all black all the time so it makes things a bit more festive.  It’s a myth that glitter is just for music festivals and New Years Eve… glitter is for when ever you feel like it. eye shadow

2.  Those deliciously plush blankets

The cutest ones I’ve found this fluffy blanket season are the ones at Marshall’s.  They are $20 each and bring so much happiness and warmth into lives everywhere.  They’re probably gonna be my go to holiday gift for all the loved one’s cause what is not to like.

3. tea candles

I worked a birthday party and at the end there were so many left over, I scooped them up and took them home.  The fantasy was to do the thing in the movies where the girl has a long hard day of being a working girl and takes the delightful bath with bubbles and champagne and tea lights around it but 1) I don’t want to put my naked body in my bathtub cause I live with strangers and there’s also probably still hair in the bottom of the tub.  So I just bought myself a mini pumpkin, surrounded the pumpkin with the candles for the tables centerpiece so when I made my boyfriend some quesadillas for breakfast accompanied by truly undrinkable coffee I was able to con him into believing I had made him a real meal.  Looks can be deceiving.  Anyway I sprinkle them around my messy apt and it makes things little teaspoons more glamorous and pretty.

4. juice shots

They taste horrible… but in a weird invigorating way..? Idk, I just love to drink them after I’m feeling particularly guilty about feeding into the whole buy six pizzas get one free thing the dominoes app has going on.  It’s my favorite form of magical thinking and my favorite form of placebo effect.  After I drink them I 1) think I’m starting a diet/whole new lifestyle/ am a whole new person and start to feel my stomach for abs and 2) I literally think that I feel healthier and that my metabolism has picked up and that my skin is glowing after downing these things.  I love being delusional!  Also they’re way cheaper than alcohol shots and “good for you.”

4. Cardigans that are like blankets you can wear but fashionable

I love that this is a trend that makes a reappearance every fall.  I love my clothing as close as possible to bedding.  They have really cheap and great ones at De Janeiro in NYC.

5.  Edy’s Ice Cream

It’s huge, it’s cheap, it’s creamy.  They’re having a 2 for 5 sale at CVS for it.  And I got it for free cause my boyfriend loves me/ice cream.  The caramel one is the best flavor hands down.

6. The podcast The Daily

It’s a news show put out every weekday by the New York Times.  It’s the best morning routine cause it makes me feel like a grown woman and helps me feel like I kinda know whats going on in this freaky world of ours.  The downside is a lot of the time the news is so tragic and hearing all the details of that first thing in the morning is rough.  On the bright side they tell you the date so you can know before you start your day for real and it’s really soothing to hear the guy say I’m Michael Barbaro and this is The Daily.

Dislikes – cause I can’t be sunshine and light all the time… sometimes we’re all haters.

  1. Chipotle is over priced.  Mexican food trucks are the better alternative everyday in every way.
  2. lip gloss and long hair
  3. the cut out shoulder trend (maybe this is just because my shoulders aren’t that cute)
  4. The song Do Re Mi by Blackbear
  5. men at the bar complaining about their ex wives while they pay in cash so their current wives don’t see that they were at the bar

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