I went to Sugarland, Texas + these are my random thoughts, suggestions and loves

I went to Sugarland, Texas with my boyfriend to meet his family.  Sugarland is right outside of Houston and has the loveliest name of any town ever in my opinion.  Also I’m from NYC so I just tried to do all the Texasy things and soak up the culture and stuff my face.  Texas is kind of the opposite of New York.  And from my 12 days there, my investigation concludes in my opinion… yes everything is bigger in Texas.

1. Kolaches are awesome.  They are like giant pigs in a blanket.  And the dough is so fluffy and amazing.  Also I had never had a sour cream donut which was so good and I had a really intense apple fritter.

2. If you go to What-a-burger (which I recommend you do)  I suggest going before 11am and getting the honey butter chicken biscuit (even better than it sounds) and the patties melt (try the spicy ketchup!) but I also recommend not eating them one after the other cause I felt like I was going to die.

3.  I just really enjoyed seeing more of the sky.  I saw more stars than I ever see in NYC and theres really no mountains so you just see how expansive the sky is which is really humbling.

4.  Activities: We went to the Houston Zoo for their Christmas lights exhibit.  It’s really enchanting.  At the entrance there is a fountain and on each side of the fountain there are trees covered in Christmas lights and the lights go to the christmassy music playing.  And that’s before you even enter the actual light walk.  There’s a psychedelic part, a light tunnel and its really the perfect place to get a photo for your Christmas card.  You have to be fast though cause every one wants to get a photo for they’re Christmas card.

The Houston aquarium: It has a Ferris wheel and one of those rides that gives you butterflies in your stomach.  They have piranhas, really cool florescent jellly fish type creatures, a really depressed white tiger, and a place where you can touch and feed stingrays.  They’re slimey and soft at the same time and I couldn’t really find they’re mouth but Nick did and they will suck the fish right out of your hand.

Brazos Bend State Park – It’s a really lovely swampy park where you can see tons of alligators just chilling.  Nick’s grandparent’s have been there and seen 50 in one day but since it was after the flood they hadn’t seen humans in months and months so the park ranger said they were spooked by us since they hadn’t seen us for a while they thought we had died out.  So we only saw like five of them (but two babies!).  It’s a nice place to picnic or bring your lawn chair and relax.  Or to climb trees.

The Renaissance Fair – I’ve been to a renaissance fair but it didn’t compare at all to this extravaganza.  There are buildings that were built just for it.  There are turkey legs, wenches you can drench (by throwing a bean bag at a specific button while she insults you), there are baby goats dressed as Santa Claus, there are strangers calling you my lord and my lady, there is face painting, and fire whips, and dragon puppets and fencing and beautiful gardens and it’s really so amazing and overwhelming (in the good way) and it’s completely like anything I’ve ever experienced.

5.  Instead of drinking water like you’re supposed to I consumed as much sweet tea as possible which was easy cause it was everywhere.  It was awesome.

6.  Also I ate my first real bbq meal and it was amazing.  We had brisket (melt in your mouth and amazing ) and ribs.  All the employees at the place wore shirts that said I didn’t crawl my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables!

7. There are lots of strip malls. And lots of houses that look the same. There are a lot of fried things.  There are a lot of Texas flags.



6 thoughts on “I went to Sugarland, Texas + these are my random thoughts, suggestions and loves”

  1. It sounds like you had a good time! I used to live near Houston & my mother worked at the zoo so I had a lot of fun times there! I’ve also been to Brazos Bend State Park w/ her to release baby alligators & me & my dad have been at night to visit the observatory. Also me & my parents would go to the Renaissance festival every year! 😄
    Now I live in Denmark & my parents live in Montana.

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      1. It’s nice! A lot different from the US. There’s actually seasons unlike in Texas. I can also walk to pretty much everywhere in the city whereas I used to have to drive if I wanted to go to the mall or the movies or if I needed to go grocery shopping. If I want to go to Copenhagen I can just take the train. Visiting the castles is awesome! I can still go see movies b/c they’ll just have Danish subtitles & there are a lot of American/British shows on tv. The food is definitely different. The bakeries are the best for fresh breads & pastries. When I first visited here around 2 years ago there were barely any vegetarian meat substitutes, but now most grocery stores have a vegetarian/vegan section. My daughter was born in the US, but now she gets free health care & dentist visits & this nurse lady comes to visit every now & then to check up on her. So it’s been a nice change 😊

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      2. That’s a hard question b/c each one is so different like 1 in Copenhagen has the crown jewels while another has the royal horses & the ruins of previous castles underneath, but I would have to say Kronborg. It’s right on the water & there’s the catacombs underneath w/ Holger Danske (the protector of Denmark). It’s also Hamlet’s castle!


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