stupidest thing I did today: #1

Today as soon as my eyes disgruntlely opened I made myself a promise: I will finish my Christmas shopping today.  And so I did.  My last stop was the Ulta on the Upper East Side to get my little sister two highlighters she wanted.  I got there, wished I was rich and could treat myself and got her the gifts and got on the subway.  I sat down and waited for the 5 and then I glanced at the countdown clock and realized 1) I was on the wrong level 2) the train would arrive in 1 minute.  So I ran frantically down the stairs and caught the train. Yay! …Except I had left the $70 Ulta bag on the upper level.  This was of course something I didn’t realize until I was almost in Brooklyn.  I got off the train and returned to the station I had left it at, hoping for a Christmas miracle. But there was obviously no way someone would not touch it and it was gone.  I then went back to Ulta and re bought the $70 gift.  And then I returned home to be poor, pouty and eat my 50 cent ramen noodles.  And yes I am still furious at my careless self and I am not on speaking terms with myself.

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