how to easily feel like you’re doing better

Being a good person is easy! Here are a few tiny things you can do to feel like you’re a decent human being and making this world a kinder and purer place.

  1. Become an organ donor. (
  2. Give blood (also a lot of places in the south will let you give plasma and pay for for it)
  3. Hold the door
  4. Give someone who needs it some metro card money.
  5. Give a clueless tourist directions.
  6. Bake your friends cookies/bring them a coffee
  7. Go cruelty free with your makeup. It’s actually easier than you think. (
  8. If you work in food service and at the end of the night you throw food out instead take it and give it to homeless people.
  9. If you see a purse / bag you don’t want anymore fill it up with useful stuff (snack bars, tampons, mittens etc) and give it to a homeless person.
  10. Give an insanely good tip. It’s really fun to do, especially if you’ve worked as a waitress and you know how happy it would make you.


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