a true story about screwing up and having to un screw up

One time I literally spaced to the 10th degree and confused Monday the 22nd with Monday the 29th and literally didn’t show up to my first day at a new job and realized almost a week later when I was supposed to be working for a week already. As soon as I realized I called them and said “hi, my phone broke and I had put my schedule into my phones calendar so I just wanna go over it and make sure it’s correct.” And they said “weren’t you supposed to come in today?” (I was) and i was like no i’m supposed to start tomorrow and they were like “oh ok. That’s great, see you then.” I really needed that job and I really needed to make rent and for me it was like there is no option … I had to make it happen lol. Believe in your self even after you screw up so bad still believe in your self and fix it. I believe you can.

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