at lunch yesterday one of my co workers was talking to (at?) me and the other girl who happened to be having our lunch in the break room too about how she’s a born again and about being saved and lots of proof she’s been seeing that god is real (she was talking about how she wanted to be like Jesus and her friend texted her saying her heart is like Jesus) and I’m just sitting there vaguely interacting trying not to be rude but also trying to play HQ and moving my sesame chicken around. I absolutely never wanna be social during lunch break but there’s always other people in the break room and only one table and I don’t have an invisibility cloak. Then she starts talking about how she can always tell if someone’s good or evil by their eyes and she’s looking at me and I’m like K, hope you don’t think I’m evil. And quietly tried to not be evil, and tried to make my eyes super nice.

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