graduation weekend

I went to my sister and Olivia’s graduation last weekend. It was a joy for me to be back in my home town this time cause I got to have 2 girls nights with all my way friends and it was long over due. We stayed at our family friends empty and beautiful upstate ny home drank some mikes hard lemonade (my 1st time lol) and Coronas w my dad and talked about life with all my girls and my dad and it warmed my whole soul. My sister in typical Clara fashion had her graduation dinner at a vegan place and honest I’ve stopped complaining cause they have this porta bello mushroom i love and a nice garden patio to eat in outside (it’s so lovely it’s even worth giving the mosquitos a meal while I eat). My grandpa and his girlfriend came and I told Tiana that he lives in Italy during the winter and he invited us and now Tiana is set on going for her birthday which honestly I’m not against at all. My mom gave me a gold charm bracelet with the year I graduated engraved on it when I graduated but mine broke so she got it fixed and engraved my name on the back and Clara got a matching one which is really sweet.

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