sneak that self care in

I’ve been waking up so late lately (like waking up at the time I should be out the door for work) so I haven’t been able to have peaceful mornings. My fantasy morning involves cuddle with my novio, coffee (preferably from the deli and not made my me cause my coffee is horrible) a concha, some sunlight through the window, taking my vitamins, showering, putting on makeup while listening to the daily, do my skincare routine, editing my to do list google doc, listening to salsa etc. These things never all happen in one morning, sometimes I get one or two components in (if I take my vitamins and make my own coffee that’s enough for me). But lately I’ve been literally just finding an outfit brushing my teeth and running out the door like a hurricane. Lately it’s gotten to the point that I’ve been throwing my sunscreen and moisturizer into my bag and when I get to work sneaking into the bathroom and moisturizing like a weirdo. You gotta do what you gotta do to feel like a human being. Cause most of the time at work I don’t, I feel like a robot that does the same thing over and over again which I do and I sit in the same chair in front of the same chair for 9 hrs a day 6 days a week filling out the same form. The only reason I don’t hate the job is cause I get to listen to music and audiobooks and pod casts and the guy next to me also doesn’t like the job and wants to not be doing nothing with his time. Also it’s refreshing to not talk to anyone after a life in customer service (I’m forgetting how to fake smile!!). I like quiet and solitude but you know what I like more than that? Getting things done and feeling like I’m going somewhere in life. Here I feel like I’m wasting my time. It’s been a long train of jobs with varying degrees of soul sucking. I hope to one day find my soul job and also to only work one job.

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