my shower song

What’s your shower song? Or no one is home song? All the way from middle school through high school I used to put on epic and extremely dramatic performances of Etta James I’d Rather Go Blind in the shower. It’s one of the most dramatic and desperate love songs so obviously I’m obsessed (also you get so sing baby baby baby with despair and that’s definitely an added bonus). She has the most soulful, sincere voice and every time I performed I literally felt like I was ready to give up my eyesight to save myself the pain from seeing my mans walk away from me with another woman (my 12 year old never been kissed self was feeling very betrayed during these solos). It’s still amazing to me how music and the goat’s like Etta James can make you feel so so much and make you an emotional mess even when you can’t relate in your real life.

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