I started working out lol

Lately I’ve been really suffering from anxiety and I’ve been trying to calm myself down and reassure myself that I’m ok, doing ok and not a complete failure.  The things I’ve found that help are listening to beauty youtube videos at work (I love Tati and Carli) and drinking lots of tea and my favorite smoothie from my favorite restaurant.  I don’t know why it’s back but I’ve been feeling like attacks of panic lately and I have a really busy schedule this month (that’s probably why lol) but I don’t have time for stuff like this so I have to take it in stride.  What are the things that help you destress?  I have a lot of things that do help (I even have whole lists in docs lol of the little things that make me happy in life) but I am having lots of trouble finding the time do to them.  Also I’ve started going to the gym and everyone says (scientists included) that going to the gym helps with insomnia, can help with mental health issues, etc. etc. but for me rn it just a lot of physical pain.  I’ve literally been limping and going up the stair at the subway is so painful.  And as soon as I get out of the gym I’m just so so hungry (way more than usual). (Also yesterday I caved and had a burger and it was honestly everything in that moment and I have absolutely NO regrets about that, it was mouth watering).  To be fair I literally have only worked out two days but I’m in so much pain and I haven’t seen any of the positives yet.  I’m gonna keep it up though, and I know I’m such a baby for complaining.  If you’re a gym person, when you first started working out how long did it take for you to stop being in pain? and how long did it take you to see results or positive side effects?

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