a Mexican approving of a Korean taco

Hi! hi!

I went upstate to visit my family and went to my favorite restaurant Yum Yum which is Asian street food inspired (that’s how they describe themselves i think).  But I branched out and ordered something besides my regular order of pad thai and had these delicious tacos that Olivia had one time and I’ve been dreaming of eating ever since.  I was a special type of hungry so I also ordered the bibimbap.  I have just discovered the bibimbap cause Hali brought me to the Tofu House in Koreatown, NYC and it was amazing and so flavorful.  It came with a side tofu soup and that came with a raw egg which I got to crack into my near boiling soup and mix it and it cooked and was so satisfying.  Anyways here’s photos of both meals cause look how beautiful.


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