Please vote if you can.

I think that especially now voting is extremely important.  It’s one of the only ways we can retain our power as American citizens when if feels like so much has happened with out our consent, that the face of our country has turned grotesque and monstrous.  While everyone who can vote hopefully votes, lets not shame the people who can not because they can’t afford to miss a day of work or are too sick etc.  Life is hard and you have to do what you have to do. Thus far in life I think that’s the closest thing I have to a motto.  Also the Ariana Grande song breathin in which the chorus is “just keep breathing and breathing, and breathing and breathing” that’s my other motto.  So far I’ve been lucky enough to only miss one election and that was because of work and that’s a reality for many more people than me.  I hope one day at least presidential elections will be a mandatory day off for everyone so we’re all on the same page and heading to the polls together.  Election day in NYC is tomorrow and I’ve been so busy that as of right now I am completely uneducated as to who’s running and who I am going to vote for.  Tonight after work I’m going to sit down with my laptop and research and figure it out.  I’m not going to vote unless I feel like I know what I’m doing and have made an educated decision.  Anyway I hope you can run out to the polls tomorrow New Yorkers and I also hope you are well rested.

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