oscar night

If you could have an unlimited supply of a food what would it be?

Right now I’m having trouble deciding whether mine would be Murry’s french toast sticks or hot and sour soup.  Last night I came home quite drunk from my best friends birthday party and I had lost my phone and all I wanted was some really greasy fried rice and about a gallon of hot and sour soup.  My boyfriend ordered while I laid on the couch being a useless and emotional blob.  I fell asleep before it got here and woke up like two hours later and snuck to the couch, ate my soup and watched three episodes of Good Trouble naked and still drunk.  Weirdly that felt the closest I’d come to self-care in a minute.  Now I’m back on the couch writing into the internet void and being sad about work tomorrow.  Also rn I am watching the Oscars so that I can make my best-dressed post after and so I can support Roma.

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