Black Lives Matter – Being a White Ally

As a white person, I can not imagine the daily trauma and exhaustion of being black in this country.  I never will understand.  I can’t speak on black pain and being black in America. Every day I benefit from white privilege, an entire system that was made by white men for white people.  But I am learning how to be a good ally, and hopefully an activist one day.  That is the path that I am choosing.  I always feel unqualified talking about racism because I never want to speak out of line but it would feel wrong not to talk about it even on my blog that no one reads.  I also always feel under-educated, but I’m trying and learning and I will never stop. All white people should spend their time, effort and money into supporting black lives matter and making sure that the murder of black people by white people and cops ends.

As white people, the best thing we can do is to educate ourselves and be a true ally.  Racism was created by white people and it’s up to us to burn it down and fix it our mindset, our culture, our institutions, moment by moment, day by day.  It is our self-created burden to change the racist anti-black culture of this country.  We need to examine ourselves as individuals and consciously dismantle systemic racism in our workplaces, schools and in every institution we have  We need to have conversations about race that we don’t feel comfortable having and we need to think about life outside our lense more.  We need to understand that just because it’s not something we suffer from does not mean it’s not our problem to fix.  It is.  It has to be unworked and undone in us.  We need to go to the protests and be there for our black friends, we need to film the police and be alert and ready to use your body as a shield.  Since the police do not serve and protect they should not exist.  The police is a dangerous gang who would rather arrest and harass thousands peaceful protester than 4 murderers.

There is a certain type of white person that no white person wants to be like and we have to actively work to be the most radical, more educated, most supportive, and thoughtful ally.  That certain type of white person we don’t want to be is the whole history of white people.  It is a bloody, shameful, grotesque and unforgivable history.  It is evil, most white people’s ancestors were evil.  We have to actively grow away from becoming like our racist grandparents, and our murderer ancestors, colonizer ancestors, plantation ancestors.  That history is real and those are the people that made you.  So you have to do the work to step away from that.  Consciously, make sure that you are being loudly and earnestly anti-racist.

If you can’t donate, protest, and if you can’t protest donate.  There is nothing more worthwhile of your time and money than fighting for black lives to matter.  There’s nothing more worthwhile of your energy and body than thrusting yourself between a cop and a black person.  Nothing matters until black lives matter until all lives matter.  We are so far from there but I really hope that we have it in us.


The questions are here.

When the protests for Breonna Taylor and George Floyd end what will be next for you?  How are you supporting the people of color in your life?  How are you educating your self on your privilege?  Are you speaking over black people or are you supporting them?  Are you doing everything you can be doing to change the structure of this country?  When you see a cop pull over a black person will you film them and stay by their side?  Do you feel uncomfortable around people who don’t look like you?  What does your Instagram feed look like?  Does it reflect back faces that just look like you?  When one of your nonblack friends say the N-word are you silent?  Do you say that’s the bad part of town? Why do you say that? Would you be comfortable describing why you say that?

How many centuries of white people murdering people of color will there be?  It’s hundreds of years overdue for white people to do better.

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