the simplest of things/I’m in Florida now

I’ve been in Florida since the 27th of December of 2020. I came for work which tragically is why I do most of my traveling. It’s been a fun and hard and strange and exhausting. But aren’t most hings. I came to work as a cashier/manager at a food truck in a horse festival. Which is so random but I have fabulous connections that bring me to random and exciting new jobs. I’ve never been on a horse and never spent a winter away from NYC so of course I could not say no.

I’ve been home sick for most of the time and I do not agree with the thick humidity of Florida. Nor does it make things simple and carefree to be the only woman in Florida with out a drivers license. I have been working like crazy and craving home like crazy. It took me months to find some grounding things to look forward to and to center me. And then of course when I found it it was obvious. The answer is always boundries, self care and alone time. At least for me.

I was having crazy anxiety, stress and physical pain (which was surely related to the first to maladies). I still am really but it’s lessened. I am trying to actually have a day off when it’s my “day off”. I have carved out a little routine for myself on my precious day off. In the morning I get my nails or toe nails done. Every week it’s either my nails or my toe nails and the whole routine is calming. Leaving the house for the first time in the week for something that is not work is calming. Picking out a peaceful pastel to paint my nails is calming. Listening to music in the car there and watching the palm trees fly by is calming. After I get my nails done I sometimes stop in to Publix and pick up some groceries. But the 2nd half to my now sacred and effective day off routine is to go to the diner (it’s called Short Stacks, how adorable) and have some toast, bacon, eggs and home fries and of course a bloody mary or 2. One of the worst and best things about Florida is that everything is strip malls. From what I’ve seen of Florida it is largely a lego masterpiece of strip malls so naturally the Publix, nail salon and diner are all in the same plaza. Another beautiful thing about Florida is that sometimes the drinks are $4… at Short Stacks the drinks are $4. While I eat and drink and try to be Merry I read my Kindle and try to be blissed out. It has been a lot of trying and some success. I’ll take it. Afterwards I take a car back and prepare like a soldier to war for the begining of the work week. It truly is amazing though how creating a little routine and loving it dearly can help. It’s worked wonders for the clouds in my mind.

Last weekend after almost 4 months of being here I finally made it to the beach.

New nails another coffee
My short stacks breakfast special

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