my favorite ceiling

I love Grand Central station.  I’m sadly rarely there cause I’m always on buses so that means I’m always at Grand Centrals ugly grey brash distant relative Port Authority.  Grand Central is elegant, gorgeous and romantic (people take wedding photos there).  My Mom said when she was younger and NYC was much druggier the ceiling of Grand Central station was really grimy and it was so dirty you couln’t even see the art work.  Tiana and I worked a wedding in North Salem yesterday and we met at 6:30 at the clock.  She brought me coffee which was truly an angel move and I did my makeup on the train and we bought tried pep talking each other into feeling like working lol.  IMG_8809.jpeg

I really fell in love w these chairs. It was also a really gloomy cloudy day and it looked really good with all the clouds. This was outside at an event at the standard hotel and the cocktail hour was supposed to be outside but it was cold and the main ballroom inside wasn’t ready for the guests so they all had to kinda suffer out there for a lil bit while we put the finishing touches and they were all dressed for like a summer soirée but the weather was like nah let’s do goose bumps and really strong breezes😇