new job same broke girl struggle

I just started a new job at a bridal store as a bridesmaid dress consultant and I’m pretty happy cause I get to be around beautiful sparkly things all day long and the majority of the employees are women. Yesterday was my first day and all the ones I met are really interesting and enjoyable to talk to. It pays minimum wage which is a bummer not to greatly consolidated by paying $2 for every dress sold. Yesterday I over heard a girl who works above me in bridal saying her rent was $3000 and for a second I was like there’s hope … if I work my way up and get into bridal then one day I can afford $3000 rent ! and I thought for a second that it was possible to get paid well and then the boss who was who she was talking to was like “who’s rich in your family?!” and she was like my dad owns a hotel. It’s sad that the boss was like no way in hell you’re affording a $3000 rent working for me. lol so yea. I guess it isn’t too good at the top.