This is $75 of groceries

When I was little I imagined that $75 of groceries would look like so much more than this. In these bags are the recipes to three meals to feed me this week: marinara spinach orzo, sesame ginger tofu with broccoli and egg quesadillas and some milk and cafe bustelo. That’s it.

Christmas Eats

It’s a tradition in my family to make tamales every Christmas Eve but since it’s so time-consuming sometimes we don’t. This year we did (and by we I mean my dad did) but we started a bit late it didn’t end up being ready for dinner.  This is what usually happens.  So usually you have to fend for your self for Christmas Eve dinner and look in the fridge and see what you can whip up.  This year I made avocado toast.  When the tamales were finally ready on Christmas Day they were everything I dreamed they’d be and more and well worth the wait.

feeling healthy + spending all my money on a sandwich

I always go to the same coffee shop for my lunch break and since it’s the west village and a hipster coffee shop, of course, it’s gonna be a ten dollar sandwich.  It’s called something that I can’t pronounce and has avocados in it but its delicious and not a cheeseburger so I’m proud/ashamed that this has become a habit.  To justify this I’m making it a blog post ok.  Here look at it. IMG_1741 (1) Look, how pretty.

a Mexican approving of a Korean taco

Hi! hi!

I went upstate to visit my family and went to my favorite restaurant Yum Yum which is Asian street food inspired (that’s how they describe themselves i think).  But I branched out and ordered something besides my regular order of pad thai and had these delicious tacos that Olivia had one time and I’ve been dreaming of eating ever since.  I was a special type of hungry so I also ordered the bibimbap.  I have just discovered the bibimbap cause Hali brought me to the Tofu House in Koreatown, NYC and it was amazing and so flavorful.  It came with a side tofu soup and that came with a raw egg which I got to crack into my near boiling soup and mix it and it cooked and was so satisfying.  Anyways here’s photos of both meals cause look how beautiful.