learning how to do eyeliner & other things I should already know how to do

My favorite season of the year has officially begun and with this the world gets nicer, cosier and I cling tighter to my loved ones.  Yesterday my best friend and I met by Colombus Circle to get hot chocolate and chai and walk around Central Park.  She had just been on a date there that didn’t lead to anything so she wanted to replace the association with a happy one.  We put our diamonds rings on our ring finger so people would leave us alone even though we are both very single. It was the perfect brisk but not shivery weather so it was lovely and calming.


I did this eyeliner look because I’m trying okay.  I tried (in vain) in high school to learn how to do makeup but my high school bff was the queen of it and mine looked especially wonky right next to hers.  So I am trying again and it’s not as impossible as I hyped it up to be, it just takes me forever.

I really like how it came out and how I felt like a boss bitch. My hair was all the way slicked back and my makeup was all the way done and my hoops were on.  I’m usually self-conscious when my hair is back like this but because I had really put in the effort to my makeup and caked it on like there’s no tomorrow I felt powerful and confident.  We went to this really smelly and regular dive bar in the East Village and we met one of my friends and talked about our traumas over $4 beers.

It was a good time.

being annoying at breakfast via wearing sunglasses inside

My favorite place to eat or even be in Woodstock, NY (my hometown) is Maria’s Bazaar.  Maria, the lovely Italian woman who started it and filled it with love and delicious food recently retired and sold it to someone else who now redecorated it with booths (good!) and decided to start serving very limp pizza (very bad!).  Needless to say, we miss her dearly but as loyal customers and people who grew up here, we still love it.  It actually is cozier and has a kind of diner feel now but the food quality has suffered.

When I went upstate we went for breakfast with my sister Frida, and friend’s Gracie and Tiana.  Gracie grew up here as well as she has a summer home here and would come up every summer.  We met at summer camp.

Oh and! Here’s me forcing my friends to take pictures of me cause I had never worn a wrap dress before and I was feeling myself in my new Audrey Hepburn inspired sunglasses.  Also a selfie of me with my very chic little sister!

good riddance to #hellmonth

I am SO ready for August to be over.  This month brought me lots of failure and tears.  I kinda knew it was going to be #hellmonth because I worked every single day and as much as you can prep yourself there’s no way you’re gonna be mentally good with that cause humans aren’t supposed to work 31 days straight.  August brought back a lot of my you’re not good enough feelings back and I thought I had slayed those mean demon dragons back in high school.

September is the first of my favorite months and I have a lot of exciting things planned.  My baby sister will be 16 (!) and I have a lingerie photo shoot (!), and I’m going to my favorite singers concert (my boyfriend always makes my concert dreams come true).  When Nick and I went to Wedding Salon (the post about it is here) a lot of vendors had raffles and I tried to enter as many as possible.  Last time when I went with Tiana we won a pilates class which we have yet to redeem cause we are not pilates people.  But I won a free boudoir shoot… lol can you imagine?  I’m terrified cause now I have to be feeling pretty and decent enough to take off all my clothes in front of strangers in 25 days.  Thank God the company is all women, other wise I wouldn’t do it.  I am supposed to come with hair and makeup so I’m hoping I’m rich enough then to get my hair professionally blown out cause that’s the thing that makes me feel the best in the world.  I’m also supposed to come with 4 lingerie outfits which is real sad news for my bank account but I’m also excited cause I don’t have much pretty lingerie anymore.  All my bras are from high school.  I hope that I can get confident in 25 days and that it stays forever.

I always try to go into each new month with lots of hope (literally as I was writing this Morning has Broken, by Cat Stevens started playing in my earphones which I think is really appropriate).  I have a really nice life and really good people that I am lucky enough to know and love.  I just wish I had more time to enjoy it.