an emotional girl recommends red outfits

Hi internet void!

In December a bunch of the emotions I’d been gleefully and stoically suppressing started to demand I stop ignoring them! LOL was truly the most wonderful time of the year.  In the year 2019 I went through a really painful break up the most painful and only one I’ve ever had.  I am still processing it and working through the trauma and just intensity of it all.  We were living together at the time and then had to go through a horrible fire, friends staying at our house to visit and of course, both of our individual resentments and mental issues clashing and it was pure stress and suffering.  December was mourning and joy cause it was the first month I realized that everything ends and that was a pain and a relief for me.

I always look forward to the Christmas season though cause even if I’m truly going through it all the music and people tipping well and decorations cheer me up and keep me engaged and excited for every day of the year.  Last December I was going through a red phase and wore 3 red outfits that I really loved.  I was feeling really into red as it seemed to express my year and how I felt about it.  I was in red hot love and everything felt very intense. Here they are:

  1. I wore this dress to go see the Rockefeller Tree with all my friends. We put some baileys in our coffee and then danced in some midtown overpriced bar after and demanded they play bachata.  We got one song of it.   This dress is light and breathable.  I love that it comes with a belt because hourglass girls like me love to cinch our waists any time we get the chance.2. I wore this dress to see the neighborhood tree lighting with my best friend.  I made really delicious buttered apple cider and brought it there.  We got tons of nasty looks from insecure couples and from rude parents cause we didn’t have kids with us and we were taking flash photos of our beautiful selves 🙂  This was my first day wearing this dress and the rotweiler puppy I take care of decided to be a total dick and bit the side.  She made a 4 inch hole which I “fixed” with tape and a stapler cause I didn’t have time to go home and change after work and also I love the fit.  The dog still hasn’t apologized and I am still procrastinating sewing it.
  2. 3. This is probably my favorite look.  I went to look in the Adika pop up in NYC because I have a pair of biking shorts I love from them.  Most of the stuff was ordinary and too trendy for me but I instantly fell in love with this and had to have it as soon as I tried it on. I wore it to my dad’s holiday party and crowned myself in the top 5 best dressed. You can also wear it a bunch of sluttier ways but didn’t want to do that at my dads work party lol.

Links: The first dress is sold out.

2nd Dress

2rd outfit:



February Favorites

Hey, hi, aloha!  These are my materialistic love affairs of the month of January that has gone by way to fast (so fast I almost didn’t make rent lol :D).  Let me know if you’ve tried any of these thing and if you like them or no

Dunkin Donuts Hashbrowns: very cheap and very delicious and my ideal snack when i’m on the go in NYC cause theres a dunkin donuts everywhere

Tone Caffeine and Vanilla Blossom Body Wash: this is my favorite body was i’ve ever used cause it smells divine and I actually feel like it does help me be alive and awake in the morning.  Also it has exfoliating beads which is an added bonus as I didn’t see it on the label.

The Magical Wonderfluff, Acure Organics:  Ok so obviously I bought it for the name but it’s turned into my go to night moisturizer.  The smell is really calming and I think it’s made my skin smoother and look way healthier.

Taking calcium pills: I have to do this cause my birth control has evil side effects that will cause my bones to break if I don’t but I’ve noticed it’s made my nails really long and strong as well so yea.

Toly Moly peach hand cream: comes in the cutest packaging (a peach!) and it smells amazing and makes your hands feel soft right away

Parenthood: It’s the OG This is Us but with out the whole mystery of how a main character died thing… it’s just so good if you like emotional things.  There are so many lovable characters and it is really relatable and real and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I highly recommend it.  Also you can download it from netflix and it has made many subway delays painless.

Least favorites:
When places charge high prices for larger sizes of tea… cause wtf.  In that case you’re being capitalistic as can be and just charging for more water.

When you think you’re making great time and are definitely gonna get to work on time and then your train isn’t running and now you have to stress

Having to work two jobs in one day and not getting to feel like yourself the whole time cause you’re on the clock






January Favorites

These are the things I was feeling this month.  Hope you enjoy and if you’ve tried any of these things let me know how you liked it!

  • the Charcoal Latte from Project Cozy: It’s really good, once you get used to the fact that it’s black. It’s another expensive drink. Also am I the only one who thinks Cozy should be spelled Cosy instead?
  • OGX Bonding Plex leave in cream: I’m not naturally a red head and I dye my hair all the time so it’s horribly irreparably damaged. Once on a particularly good drugstore mini spree where I brought lots of treasures like ice cream and a portable heater I also got this and it’s the only thing I’ve been putting in my hair this 2018.  I keeps it looking ok and less limp and dull than it did before I used it.  It also really softens it. I highly recommend it cause it’s doing all sorts of nice things to my poor hair and usually I don’t really notice my hair products doing much.
  • Bossa Nova: It’s such gentle and jazzy music.  On the 1st of the year I kinda made my best friend and boyfriend breakfast w some 30 cent ramen noodles and eggs and it was a real broke girl breakfast but they like the angels they are didn’t day a thing and they ate it happily and i think the whole thing was saved by the bossa nova pandora radio that was playing in the background making it a kinda classy scene and a real breakfast.  It’s also really good for studying to, moisturizing to or taking a bath too.
  • Making sets of your keys and giving them to your friends who live close by so if you lose them you’re gonna be ok and still get into your house
  • Advil coated tablets: I always get headaches so I always carry this in my bag. I like these pain reliever pills best cause they work pretty fast and they’re sweet so if you have difficulty swallowing you don’t get a horrible taste in your mouth.
  • Making up after a fight and that feeling of relief and thank god I still have them in my life
  • Glass noodles: I rediscovered these from my childhood when my lovely boyfriend spiced up me Chinese order (sesame chicken and lo mein every time) and it’s so delicious.
  • Bubble tea: the most fun drink ever! And it’s also delicious! my favorites are almond with the tapioca bubbles and Thai iced tea.
  • Freeman polishing black sugar and charcoal mask: new favorite mask cause, it made my face feel really clean and clear and almost poreless for a day.
  • Pictures under the Palms: Brookfield Place shows free movies in the Winter garden.  It’s one of the best free events in NYC in my opinion.  They provide free popcorn and bean bags to lay on. It’s really beautiful in there too and this is the perfect dinner and a movie date idea cause you just have to pay for dinner. more info


  • Ugly Supreme stickers everywhere for no reason
  • Waking up late and missing half your day and being severly piseed at your self for resting when you should have been hustling
  • Bad tippers: but this is always my least favorite. You notice it especially in January because people are typically more generous in December cause of the holiday spirit.
  • the fact that its way cheaper to eat unhealthy
  • nail polish: I literally can not keep up with this enough to have my hands looking nice.  I refuse to pay for someone to put paint my nails now that I’m broker than ever so I do it myself (really badly) and it always ruins my efforts in trying to look put together smh.
  • Jobs paying you minimum wage and expecting you to devote your life to them and be the biggest champion of their company and make them super rich…. what is up with that?!

P.S I’m really sorry this is so late…. from not on I really will post the favorites on the 25th of that month. Not that anyone noticed but I promised myself lol

November/December Favorites

  • DW Home Candles:  I always buy my scented candles at Marshall’s cause they are significantly cheaper and larger there than anywhere else.  I have found I have only been buying and obsessing over the ones of this brand.  The ones I’ve tried and loved are Holiday Spice and Vanilla + Sugarcane.  The next one I’m gonna get is the Coconut Milk Honey and I’m pretty excited.  Scented candles are really one of my favorite things.
  • Turmeric Lattes: always expensive but always delicious.  It’s a treat yourself thing.  My favorite one comes from Galerie De Cafe in Tribeca.
  • Circle scarves
  • Dollar Stores: best places to find kinder eggs, tacky Christmas decorations, food containers, key chains, cheap shampoo and lots of stuff you never knew you needed.  Lots of great ones in Flatbush where I just moved.
  • Procrastinating something a lil and then finally forcing yourself to do it and finding out it was actually simple and painless and then being able to check something off your to do list
  • Really, truly surprising people: I never tell anyone in my family when I’m coming to visit, I just show up because I really love the shocked look on their eyes when I walk in and it’s one of the best feelings in the world.
  • Real christmas trees:  I bought mine for $16 at a market after seeing the amazing movie Coco with my beautiful boyfriend.  It’s around 3 feet tall and thriving.
  • Coco:  My new favorite Pixar movie.  As a Mexican it really meant a lot to me, as someone whose lost someone it really meant a lot to me, as someone with eyes it was awesome and the music is so Mexican and fun and beautiful.  I cried….and it really touched my heart and made me feel so much love for life and for my culture.  I really suggest going with your kids/someone you love.  
  • The world at Christmas time: I work at a bar which is something I don’t like doing and just like everything else at Christmas it’s amazingly decorated and 150 times better than usual.  I worked there the day of the Santarun and so many people came in dressed up as Santa and they put on Christmas music and it was the nicest most tolerable shift I’ve ever had there.
  • When pedophiles don’t get to become senator
  • Snow that’s good for making snowballs
  • Clementines: the superior citrus
  • Poinsettias or Flor de Noche Buena in Spanish
  • Duolingo: the best free app for learning a language.  It’s really simple and rewarding cause you can get a streak of how many days in a row you’ve practiced.
  • Colourpop Lipsticks: really inexpensive and better than Kylie’s stuff. Also there are so many colors and textures.

Least favorites:

  • Restaurants that charge for a coffee refill
  • People who play their music out loud on the subway (especially those who do it in the morning)
  • When people in a job interview say we’ll let you know either way and then you never hear from them again
  • When creepy strangers try to talk to you on your morning commute and you have your earphones in and are just trying to listen to Stevie Wonder’s Christmas Album, thank you very much!