the simplest of things/I’m in Florida now

I’ve been in Florida since the 27th of December of 2020. I came for work which tragically is why I do most of my traveling. It’s been a fun and hard and strange and exhausting. But aren’t most hings. I came to work as a cashier/manager at a food truck in a horse festival. Which is so random but I have fabulous connections that bring me to random and exciting new jobs. I’ve never been on a horse and never spent a winter away from NYC so of course I could not say no.

I’ve been home sick for most of the time and I do not agree with the thick humidity of Florida. Nor does it make things simple and carefree to be the only woman in Florida with out a drivers license. I have been working like crazy and craving home like crazy. It took me months to find some grounding things to look forward to and to center me. And then of course when I found it it was obvious. The answer is always boundries, self care and alone time. At least for me.

I was having crazy anxiety, stress and physical pain (which was surely related to the first to maladies). I still am really but it’s lessened. I am trying to actually have a day off when it’s my “day off”. I have carved out a little routine for myself on my precious day off. In the morning I get my nails or toe nails done. Every week it’s either my nails or my toe nails and the whole routine is calming. Leaving the house for the first time in the week for something that is not work is calming. Picking out a peaceful pastel to paint my nails is calming. Listening to music in the car there and watching the palm trees fly by is calming. After I get my nails done I sometimes stop in to Publix and pick up some groceries. But the 2nd half to my now sacred and effective day off routine is to go to the diner (it’s called Short Stacks, how adorable) and have some toast, bacon, eggs and home fries and of course a bloody mary or 2. One of the worst and best things about Florida is that everything is strip malls. From what I’ve seen of Florida it is largely a lego masterpiece of strip malls so naturally the Publix, nail salon and diner are all in the same plaza. Another beautiful thing about Florida is that sometimes the drinks are $4… at Short Stacks the drinks are $4. While I eat and drink and try to be Merry I read my Kindle and try to be blissed out. It has been a lot of trying and some success. I’ll take it. Afterwards I take a car back and prepare like a soldier to war for the begining of the work week. It truly is amazing though how creating a little routine and loving it dearly can help. It’s worked wonders for the clouds in my mind.

Last weekend after almost 4 months of being here I finally made it to the beach.

New nails another coffee
My short stacks breakfast special

January Favorites

This is the year I do my favorites every month. Or so she says in the first year of the month :)) fingers crossed.  I hope that we are all still full of hope for this year.

Pozole: I am a Mexican and I have finally learned how to make Pozole and I feel so alive lol.  Now that I’ve completed this rite of passage I am pretty much living off of it this winter.

Cyc spin class: I tried SoulCycle and that shit was too corny for me and also way too much money. Though I did like that they had Drunken Elephant skincare products in the bathroom.  I like Cyc cause it’s about the music and they’re not judgy.  It’s “beat based” and the instructors are inspirational but not over the top.  Also they’re cheaper at $22 a class vs. SoulCycle’s thirty-something.

The dessert: I grew up in the mountains and love the beach.  My dad grew up in the dessert and it was so amazing experiencing it on our way into Mexicali. I love the stillness of it, the feeling of being alone (until immigration inevitably shows up).  I also really love the color scheme.

Rica juice: tastes like orange juice but better cause it’s a little unhealthy

Screenshot 2020-01-19 at 11.24.34 AM

Cheer on Netflix: It’s insanely impressive and I booked a workout for the next morning after the 1st episode.  It’s about the best cheerleaders in the USA (maybe the world?) leading up to the championship and it’s one of those shows that leaves you in awe of what humans can do.  It’s also beautifully shot and makes you fall in love with the people it’s about.

Screenshot 2020-02-01 at 12.19.02 AM

This is my favorite body lotion and has been for a while.  It smells like Jolly Ranches and absorbs quicker than any other lotion I’ve ever used.

This recipe: I switched out the miso paste for tables spoons of trader joe’s boxed miso soup.  And I couldn’t find Tamari sauce at my grocery store so we used thick soba sauce and my grocery failed once again in not having Brussel sprouts so we used broccoli.  Long story short it was delicious and amazing and tasted like something made in a restaurant and not by my incompetent hands.  The sauce was insanely good and we covered it in lime juice. It was a wow meal


Screenshot 2020-02-01 at 12.27.57 AM

Hanalei Lip Treatment in clear:  It feels really luxurious and makes your lips feel lush and protected.  This has been my go to during this season of dry and red skin and so far my lips haven’t been chapped.  My very favorite thing about it might be the smell which is sweet and comforting.


Global warming: It so real and so apparent here in NYC.  We had basically no snow in December and it’s been raining.  I’ve worn sundresses in January.  It’s so strange and jarring and please let me know what I can do to help.

Duvets: more trouble than they’re worth. I’m a professional cleaner who has changed them and dealt with them a million times and I still hate them.  I just wash my comforter and its easier than washing the duvet cover and doing the whole ugly gymnastic routine to get it on the duvet.

oscar night

If you could have an unlimited supply of a food what would it be?

Right now I’m having trouble deciding whether mine would be Murry’s french toast sticks or hot and sour soup.  Last night I came home quite drunk from my best friends birthday party and I had lost my phone and all I wanted was some really greasy fried rice and about a gallon of hot and sour soup.  My boyfriend ordered while I laid on the couch being a useless and emotional blob.  I fell asleep before it got here and woke up like two hours later and snuck to the couch, ate my soup and watched three episodes of Good Trouble naked and still drunk.  Weirdly that felt the closest I’d come to self-care in a minute.  Now I’m back on the couch writing into the internet void and being sad about work tomorrow.  Also rn I am watching the Oscars so that I can make my best-dressed post after and so I can support Roma.

Trying to be good at being an adult

Right now the cafe I’m in is playing the full Mamma Mia soundtrack and wow i am not ready for all that at 10am.  I am already having a hard day.  It’s my nanny boss’s birthday and so I’m working from 12pm to 10pm and I woke up exhausted so it’s gonna be a rough one.  I woke up an hour before I had to go (this is a win because lately I’ve been waking up at 10:25 am when I’m supposed to leave at 10:30 am).  I made my self coffee which I took one sip of and gagged.  I managed to put on mascara and blush and brush my teeth and I felt proud that I had the effort for that.

For me so far 2019 is about trying to stay sane and working hard.  Also a bit more adulting.  I’ve stopped treating myself to anything and everything I want (last night I wanted pizza so badly and I resisted).  Tomorrow I’m having my friends over for dinner.  We are making comfort food and I still don’t know what I’m making and my home is still a mess.  Nick is going to make his corn casserole and I think I’m gonna make I’m excited because I love having my people over in my home and lighting candles and cleaning surfaces and all the cute preparation stuff. I hope that when I’m a mom that our house is the cool house that all my kid’s friends hang out at.


Christmas Eats

It’s a tradition in my family to make tamales every Christmas Eve but since it’s so time-consuming sometimes we don’t. This year we did (and by we I mean my dad did) but we started a bit late it didn’t end up being ready for dinner.  This is what usually happens.  So usually you have to fend for your self for Christmas Eve dinner and look in the fridge and see what you can whip up.  This year I made avocado toast.  When the tamales were finally ready on Christmas Day they were everything I dreamed they’d be and more and well worth the wait.

feeling healthy + spending all my money on a sandwich

I always go to the same coffee shop for my lunch break and since it’s the west village and a hipster coffee shop, of course, it’s gonna be a ten dollar sandwich.  It’s called something that I can’t pronounce and has avocados in it but its delicious and not a cheeseburger so I’m proud/ashamed that this has become a habit.  To justify this I’m making it a blog post ok.  Here look at it. IMG_1741 (1) Look, how pretty.