ahhh soul sucking job

Life’s rough when you truly detest and cringe every time your coworker who sits next to you tries to talk to you. He always tries to give me unsolicited advice and he is the person who got mad at someone for yawning (cause it’s unprofessional). He’s told me to go back to college, that I should try to sit with more diverse people (I have an assigned seat other wise I wouldn’t be sitting next to him smh), and continues to make me take out my earphones to say some dumb shit (just now he wanted to tell me how long my charger is) I KNOW DEJA ME EN PAZ. At my office job where I have to do the same thing over and over for 9 hours I just want to be left alone honestly. Peace and quiet is the ONLY perk of the job. I know I should be more zen and not detest people but it’s Hard. I’m still a petty person whose a little more grown than I wanted to be at 20.

what I’m mad about today

I’m mad and still somewhat bewildered about who our president and I remain so deeply disappointed in Americans.

I’m more hopeful for Mexico than American right now.

I’m mad that the chapstick industry relies on our lips being chapped so most chapsticks don’t work or work for 2 seconds. I’m constantly in a never ending circle of chapped lips and the 2 seconds of having not chapped lips and then repeat. It’s shouldn’t be such a struggle.