being annoying at breakfast via wearing sunglasses inside

My favorite place to eat or even be in Woodstock, NY (my hometown) is Maria’s Bazaar.  Maria, the lovely Italian woman who started it and filled it with love and delicious food recently retired and sold it to someone else who now redecorated it with booths (good!) and decided to start serving very limp pizza (very bad!).  Needless to say, we miss her dearly but as loyal customers and people who grew up here, we still love it.  It actually is cozier and has a kind of diner feel now but the food quality has suffered.

When I went upstate we went for breakfast with my sister Frida, and friend’s Gracie and Tiana.  Gracie grew up here as well as she has a summer home here and would come up every summer.  We met at summer camp.

Oh and! Here’s me forcing my friends to take pictures of me cause I had never worn a wrap dress before and I was feeling myself in my new Audrey Hepburn inspired sunglasses.  Also a selfie of me with my very chic little sister!

favorite restaurant

This time around the waiter was not feeling me and my (very loud) family and had no patience with me describing what I usually get since I couldn’t find it on the menu.  Frida, her best friend Hannah, and I all got mango lassi’s which my own sister turns out to like (!) and Hannah is a vegan lol.  So I was very happy because I got three mango lassi’s.  There’s no AC in there and between the combo of tons of Christmas lights and hot thick Indian food we were sweaty and miserable.  It’s definitely a better experience at night time.

a Mexican approving of a Korean taco

Hi! hi!

I went upstate to visit my family and went to my favorite restaurant Yum Yum which is Asian street food inspired (that’s how they describe themselves i think).  But I branched out and ordered something besides my regular order of pad thai and had these delicious tacos that Olivia had one time and I’ve been dreaming of eating ever since.  I was a special type of hungry so I also ordered the bibimbap.  I have just discovered the bibimbap cause Hali brought me to the Tofu House in Koreatown, NYC and it was amazing and so flavorful.  It came with a side tofu soup and that came with a raw egg which I got to crack into my near boiling soup and mix it and it cooked and was so satisfying.  Anyways here’s photos of both meals cause look how beautiful.