Small Ways to be more Eco Friendly

I was thinking of how I can be better to the world in the shower today (while trying step by step to unwind).  It’s hard not to constantly stress about the state of the planet and these little things have helped me turn that anxiety into action (no matter how small).  Do what you can and don’t beat your self up 🙂

  1. When you don’t need one ask for no receipt.
  2. Pack your own lunch in a reusable lunch container.
  3. Go thrifting! Also, this is so fun because there’s nothing more rewarding than getting a unique piece for way cheaper then you would at a place that makes thousands of the same item.
  4. Bring your own water bottle from home and refill it when you drink it all instead of buying a disposable plastic water bottle.  And if you do forget and need to buy a plastic water bottle refill it and use it a few times before you toss it.
  5. Wash your hair less.  I used to wash my hair every time I got in the shower (every day) and then I read how actually this isn’t good for your hair and strips it of your natural oils that make it shiny and healthy-looking.  I now wash my hair once every few showers and go through shampoo and conditioner a lot less then I used to and my hair looks way better than before. Win, win.
  6. See if you could be a paper towel/napkin free home and use rags and cloth napkins instead.
  7. Turn off the lights when you leave the room.

exciting or stressful?

Hi internet void,

I hope you’re doing well if anyone reads this.  I really love writing on here cause it’s an outlet for self-expression and lately I’ve been feeling numb and uninspired.  So I’m gonna try and come back, even to just practice noticing how I’m feeling.

The main reason I haven’t been being consistent on here is cause I decided (impulsively) to start a business.  It’s called Cleaning con Flores and it’s a small cleaning business.  Right now it’s just me and my best friend.  There’s always something to be done for it (or things that I’m behind on doing) and it’s so much to even just make it legally a business with my city.  It’s all worth it though cause it’s my own and my idea and I will never run out of energy to throw behind it.

More than anything it’s bought me great pride and great stress.  I am proud of it because I had an idea and didn’t let it go and decided to make it a real thing.  The idea was super simple what if I cleaned houses but gave a bit more than that?  We bring flowers to each cleaning and offer a survey which allows clients to communicate their exact desires of what they’re looking for.

Since I’ve last written on here I’ve filed for the company to be a limited liability corporation, hired a business lawyer, learned that I should have become a lawyer as mine is an inexpensive lawyer and she makes $275 an hour (!!), had a logo made, made an Instagram for the company, made a facebook page and website for the websites, had business cards made, gotten a direct deposit system up and running, etc. etc. etc.

I have three jobs and I do not recommend it (to anyone ever) and also somehow have $80 in my bank account.  Since I’ve last written I’ve also gone through a really hard break up (still going through it), taken up working out, become addicted to Starbucks (dolce cinnamon lattes and hazelnut lattes are it for me) and blew through my savings cause I someone rammed into my lyft driver and I went to the hospital to see if I had a concussion.  I was in and out of the ER in literally 30 mins and was spoken to by a condescending doctor for 5 mins max who told me I had a slight concussion.  I paid a $100 co-pay for all that (wasn’t even given an Asprin) and walked out thinking that was the last of it. Yesterday I got a bill saying that my parent’s insurance didn’t recognize me and I owe them $1,065.  I have to pay the lawyer $800 so make my business filed in my county (whatever that means) and my rent is about to go from $700 to $1,400 because my ex-boyfriend is moving out.  I am pretty weary and I don’t feel young at all.  I feel like I can not catch a break and when I do it’s so small in comparison to the amount of mess of me to clean up all around me.

It’s hard to practice self care when you can’t even find the time to be off the clock.  It’s hard to feel healthy when your own stress is working against your well being.  It’s hard to feel okay when you work so hard and that hustle isn’t reflected in your bank app.

Love and deep breaths,



I react so unhealthily to stress. It’s really physical and I feel it come over me. I end up scratching myself until I literally have bloody scratches or get hives. I also dig my fingers into my scalp. The messed up thing is usually when I’m doing it I don’t notice and I only notice later when I can see the little injuries. I don’t know when or how i let my life get so high stress but here I am and I don’t know how to cope.

I started working out lol

Lately I’ve been really suffering from anxiety and I’ve been trying to calm myself down and reassure myself that I’m ok, doing ok and not a complete failure.  The things I’ve found that help are listening to beauty youtube videos at work (I love Tati and Carli) and drinking lots of tea and my favorite smoothie from my favorite restaurant.  I don’t know why it’s back but I’ve been feeling like attacks of panic lately and I have a really busy schedule this month (that’s probably why lol) but I don’t have time for stuff like this so I have to take it in stride.  What are the things that help you destress?  I have a lot of things that do help (I even have whole lists in docs lol of the little things that make me happy in life) but I am having lots of trouble finding the time do to them.  Also I’ve started going to the gym and everyone says (scientists included) that going to the gym helps with insomnia, can help with mental health issues, etc. etc. but for me rn it just a lot of physical pain.  I’ve literally been limping and going up the stair at the subway is so painful.  And as soon as I get out of the gym I’m just so so hungry (way more than usual). (Also yesterday I caved and had a burger and it was honestly everything in that moment and I have absolutely NO regrets about that, it was mouth watering).  To be fair I literally have only worked out two days but I’m in so much pain and I haven’t seen any of the positives yet.  I’m gonna keep it up though, and I know I’m such a baby for complaining.  If you’re a gym person, when you first started working out how long did it take for you to stop being in pain? and how long did it take you to see results or positive side effects?

✨🇲🇽I don’t wanna talk about it but the World Cup has just started and I’ve already been through it with my team. An emotional roller coaster everytime. Who is your team? At work today during the game I was listening to it on the radio on my phone and I asked my desk mates to send good wishes (turns out they really needed it) and they all looked at me like I was being a crazy.✨🇲🇽