Quarantine, cashier life & pinatas

Hi! I am the worst at having a blog.

My life has changed drastically just like literally all of ours.  I usually work three jobs, my main job is a full-time nanny and then I have my cleaning business and I work as an assistant wedding planner.  Of course, all three of these jobs stopped existing in the face of this pandemic and for a very terrifying week, I was unemployed.  Then I sat down at my kitchen table with a coffee or cocktail (it was my one week of unemployment to be fair) and applied to every single job that I thought might take a college drop out like me.  I also dmed a few grocery stores because I thought they might be hiring asap and that was how I got the job of a cashier and the most expensive grocery store in the west village.  This is a place that charges $8 for a brick of cafe bustelo and there’s a tomato sauce that costs $12.99 (shout out to Rao’s for apparently being THAT good).  Of course, the pay minimum wage but I don’t have the type of savings that would allow for me to be unemployed for more than a week so I took the job.

My nannying job pays $25 an hour so the price drop has been a lot for me to deal with.  It’s also been hard not knowing when/if my job will return.  My nanny family moved from the west village to their beach house in New Jersey.  At the beginning of the virus, they wanted me to travel there and stay for three days of the week and then go home.  I did this for two weeks and then I had to stop because it felt very dangerous for an asthmatic like me to be traveling on the subway and the train all the time during a very deadly virus.  The day I traveled home from NJ for the last time a stay in place order was issued and I couldn’t have been happier to be in home sweet Brooklyn and not NJ.

The grocery store job is as soul-sucking as you’d imagine.  No one grows up saying they want to be a cashier and even if they did they’d take one look at the paycheck and change their mind.  Most of my co-workers are nice.  Some of them are snappy or up tight but it’s cause they’re miserable and I don’t blame them.  When I’m at that job I’m miserable too. It’s hard to go through eight hours having the same stunted interactions with people.  I ask the same questions to every person.  “Hello, how are you? Do you have a store card? Do you want bags? Would you like to donate a bundle or milk to COVID relief?”  The store I work for is doing a fundraiser for City Harvest which is well-intentioned but it’s so horrible to have to ask people for money during this time.  They’ll say no and then pull out their ebt card and you feel like such a dick for asking them for money to feed other people when they’re struggling too.  I always wish the store it’s self would donate money and leave their customers out of it.

Today was a good day though because I am trying to enjoy my life and make the very best of it all.  At work in my shitty work uniform and same pair of black sneakers, I try to bring myself to the register as well by doing my makeup like I would and never coming to work in my uniform.  I keep my polyester work shirt in my store locker and change into it at the last second so that I can feel like myself for as long as possible.  Today was also a good day because I got out at 12:45 pm and when I walked out of the sliding doors the sun was shining and the birds were screaming their little snow-white heads off.  I went home and fixed myself a drink (my new favorite: sunny d + lime juice + tequila + tajin) and got a facetime from an unknown number hung up on them.  I then immediately realized it was a facetime interview I had scheduled for that time.  I called her back and tried my best to show that I’m a very qualified hardworking nanny that’s good at what she does.

The highlight of my day was making a pinata.  My family and I used to do this many times a year.  We’d make them for my sisters and i’s birthday parties.  I was out of practice but doing it brought back so many warm memories of happier and more than anything brighter easier times.  The smell of the flour and water and feeling of the paste drying on my fingers was therapeutic.  The biggest part of me wishes I had the money and privilege to be fully quarantined and staying home during this time.  I would love to have the time to do all the wild and rather mundane fantasies I’ve had during my life of what I would do if I had time to figure out what I wanted to do.  While sliding the wet pieces of newspaper on to the balloon, I was so focused on getting the job done that I wasn’t thinking about how I was going to make rent, about savings, about food and all the ways I am falling short.  I was just focusing on this task that I had chosen to set in front of me not a bouquet of problems that was thrust into my face.  It was nice to reach out to my childhood in this simple and fun way and to even if just for a half-hour, to think about something different.

Now I have to wait a few days until this first layer of paper mache fully dries and then I’ll add a second layer.  Then I’ll stop being cheap and pull the trigger and buy some paint.  And then the hardest part for me comes.  Trying to be artistic and painting something on it.

Question:  Are you the type of person with enough patience for puzzles?

I for sure, am not.

Also, have you done any arts and crafts during the pandemic?  I would love to hear what you’ve been making 🙂

April Favorites

This is gonna be the pandemic issue.  This was the month that my staying at home and having free time ended and I’m gonna list all the things that made my short and sweet quarentine enjoyable.

Schitt’s Creek (on Netflix): This show has character.  It’s a good show for people who liked Parks and Rec and Kimmy Schmidt. It’s about a very wealthy family who suddenly loses it all and it’s a comdeny. It gives me the warm and fuzzies and during this extremely stressful time it has been the perfect show for me to watch before bed so that I can try and have sweet dreams instead of stress dreams.  I love how unique each character is and how they all have very distinct mannerisms and personalities.  This show is so charming and fun and funny.  It’s a delight.

This little light:


Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 7.55.51 PM


Our sink area is right under out cabinets and it’s really dark under there.  This little light completely fixed the problem.  And it’s cute, bright and cheap.  All you have to do to install it is put in the batteries and attach the velcro that comes with it.

Pita chips and tzatziki: a perfect refreshing snack

Jump roping: Fun, easy and burns energy and calories. I hate working out so this is a nice alternative for me cause it’s cardio but not running.

Side note: does anyone with bigger boobs have any sports bra recommendations? I’m tired of wearing two sports bras to jump rope and cutting off the circulation to my body from the boobs up.

Foaming hand wash: It’s just so much more fun than regular hand wash.  I love the bath and body works hand washes and am currently using the aromatherapy one.  Believe it or not the scent of this hand wash gets me compliments from my friends when they’re over (when I was allowed to see my friends pre virus… seems so long ago)

Couch blanket:

Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 8.05.16 PM


I love this blanket because the color is comforting and it’s lightweight and also heavy enough to be a cuddly comfort.  I hope that makes sense (at least a little bit lol).

Blue light glasses:

Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 8.00.46 PM



I may have already written about this but these are hella cheap, hella cute and actually do help with my screen related headaches.


March Favorites

March had hundreds of days in it and somehow I still got the March favorites done late.  Here were my most favorite and most random things from March.




I love this light, it helps with my anxiety and is so pretty to stare at. It looks better in person. It’s a bit pricey but worth it because it’s so visually pleasing.

Cocoa Butter formula daily skin therapy solid


This is my favorite moisturizer.  Cocoa butter is my favorite scent ever and this smells like it in all its glory.  It’s so buttery and luxurious with a beautiful small price tag.  I used this on my face overnight and on my hands overnight in gloves.

Milk fluffer



This small $10 toy has turned into so much more for me.  I’m a coffee every day at least once a day person and used to make the worst most bitter coffee.  It was so bad that sometimes I would make a face after having a sip, similar to the face once makes after taking a shot.  This fluffer makes drinking coffee more fun and way smoother and better tasting. It’s super easy & quick to use. It makes my morning coffee taste more like a cappuccino. then Walmart coffee. Amen, amen, amen.

Dry mop pads

$22.99 for 180

Ok so I do clean houses for a living so this is probably nearer and dearer to my heart than it is to most people but this is a deal.  I used to buy the Swiffer dry mop pads but they are pretty pricey.  These are basically the same thing but for way cheaper.  Also, another money-saving hack is instead of buying the wet Swiffer mop pads use the dry ones and put the mopping liquid on the floor, then mop it with the dry mop.

My favorite cardigan


Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 11.10.41 AM

It’s the coziest thing ever and I wear it all the time.  It feels like a strong hug and I love wearing it while I drink my coffee on the porch in the morning.

Belated February Favorites

Hi! I hope you had a lovely February she writes from a week plus into March.  My favorites of the month are late once again and I’m hoping to not make this a tradition this year.

Here were my favorite things this month:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: This is my new favorite museum in the world.  It’s so glamorous and one of the great privileges of being a New Yorker is that you can pay whatever you want. My best friend and I went yesterday and paid one dollar each.  There’s so much marble and home decor (for when you’re extremely wealthy of course).  The architecture is unreal and there are lots of parts of the museum that are full of sunlight, statues, and columns.  It feels very dreamy and surreal.  Of course, it is now one of the many museums currently closed due to the virus.  Here’s some pics of me being annoying in front of beautiful art.

Cigarette pants: I’m not a big pant person because they’re super uncomfortable for me but cigarette pants are so chic and make me feel like a seductive femme fatale in an old movie.  I feel like cigarette pants are the most feminine pants and I have a very feminine style.

These are one of the rare things in this world that is worth more than it costs.  It’s so cheap smells so good and makes my skin feel out of this world soft when I’m done scrubbing myself down with it in the shower.  I love how many scents there are (my favorite is the mango).  I try to exfoliate once a week and I used to use coffee grinds and brown sugar but I realized I don’t want to smell like coffee all the time since I’m already always clutching my coffee like it’s the cure.

Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 3.13.34 PM

Nightly refresh mouthwash: It makes my teeth feel so smooth and literally squeaky clean.

Screenshot 2020-03-12 at 12.17.49 AM

Stress ease tea:  I like the cinnamon flavor best cause I find it to be the most comforting. It’s very soothing and I don’t know if it’s a placebo or not but my best friend and I were very sick and drank a very hot cup of this and felt a lot better the next day.


Essie Gel Nail Polish: literally chipped the first day and then I tried again because I had read some good reviews of it online and it chipped right away once again.  It seems to be regular nail polish to me and not at all gel.

The fact that people have legitimately hoarded toilet paper???! And that most stores are out of it?? There are problems that us civilians have to deal with and some that we create, I don’t know why we had to create this problem smh.  I hate to see greed all around me in such an apparent and unnecessary way.

a day full of infuriation, exhaustion and also at least one good moment

Today has been a day.  My bra started cutting into me by the end and my leggings elastic was busted and I had to keep pulling them up all day.  Those things already had me wanting to scream.

I went to the eye doctor to hopefully have them fix the health issue that has been really bothering me for two years and I walked out of the Drs apt really optimistic that the end was in sight.  I have been literally crying (this is way beyond watery eyes) on and off for about 2 years now.  Lately, it is non stop which can so get in the way of life.  It’s gotten so bad my vision is usually really blurry from the water in my eyes and there’s no point in wearing makeup cause it streaks and drips off within an hour of application.  The Dr. was very professional, smart and treated me with respect (I’ve run into a lot of Dr’s who didn’t treat me with respect, unfortunately). She was also very young which made me jealous and had me feeling all types of ways.  I’m a college dropout (for financial reasons) so seeing people thriving and using those degrees makes me feel a little sad for myself (I really am such a petty selfish person lmao).  She asked if she could dilate my eyes and I said yes after being assured that 1) wouldn’t look crazy (“I work with kids”) and 2) that the blurriness would be over before.  As soon as it kicked in I couldn’t read words on my phone and everything close to me was to blurry to fully make out for 2hrs.  I looked crazy and my pupils were so huge (photo below) for half the day and the blurriness did linger longer than I would have liked.  I was worried that my boss would see and think that I was on some type of drug so I was lucky that I spent the first half of the day with just the kids.  They also took photos of the inside of my eyelids (she literally flipped my eyelids inside out and just thinking of the feeling makes me cringe).  She then asked me if I wanted to see said photos to which I politely declined.  They took some photos of the back of my eyelids with some bright lights and super expensive medical machines. She prescribed me two eye drops to take daily and I was on my way (to work).

I was happy thinking that the issue that had been making me want to scream for 2 years was now on its way to being fixed.  I had finally, finally stopped procrastinating it.  And I made plans to pick it up from my CVS after work.  Something off my to do list! Yay!

TURNS OUT, even though it was supposed to be covered by my insurance… it’s not.  And one of the eyedrops is $70 and the other is $40 ahahahaha.  I can not afford that right now.  I have too much credit card debt/toilet paper to buy/metro cards are expensive/we still have to eat.  So now tomorrow I have to call the doctors office ask if they have my correct insurance information and if so and they’re really not gonna cover it, ask if there are cheaper alternatives and look my to do list is growing.

Fast forward to the end of my day after the kids (quick recap: I’m a nanny to 4 kids) have been fed and showered and are all watching their pads before bed.  Cecelia was already in bed cause her bedtime is 15 mins before Charlie’s so hopefully she will be asleep before him and they won’t keep each other up. I walk around to check on the Charlie and Charlie had fallen asleep while watching his iPad.  He looked so peaceful and sweet so I immediately gave my self a pep talk about how I can get him into bed without waking him up (“you can do this, Tessa. Not only can you but you will cause you have to.”)  I picked him up and oh so gently and quietly carried him to bed.  He didn’t wake up and Cecelia was still awake so once I had gotten Charlie under the covers I turned to her and in my most serious and intense whisper I told her “Charlie is sleeping, don’t say a word.” Amazingly it worked and not a peep was heard from their room.  This was the best moment of my day.  My heart felt full and overflowing with love and I felt so deeply and truly blessed that this is my job (!!).  I really love these kids so much and I’ve only known them for a couple months.  It makes me so excited for when I have kids of my own and hope that I’ll be a good mother.  I know I won’t have a shortage of love for them.  I know that I’ll try my best to listen to them and to make sure they have everything they need.

Look how creepy I looked 😦


This is my no I’m not an asshole wearing sunglasses inside my dr told me I have to cause my dilated pupils are really sensitive to light right now look.IMG_2073

April Favorites

April Favorites

V8 Spicy juice:  It’s V8 but with a kick and as a Mexican I tend to like the chile version of things.

Biscoff cookies: I just got off the flight to SC and honestly I tried not to sleep just so that the next time the flight attendant would come by with her trolley I could ask for another packed of these delicious concoctions.  

Chicken over rice: the best halal in the game tbh (I get it without onions, hot sauce on the side and with tons of the white sauce)  also this time they put pickles in for the first time and I was not with it so from now on I’m specifying that’s unacceptable for me.

Open bars…cause I’m not gonna pay to get drunk and it’s always fun to wear a fancy dress somewhere and have a nice glass of something.  Last time when the bartender asked me what I wanted, I said i have no clue (the correct answer should have been “I’m good, thanks.”) But instead I said what’s good and he asked if I like grapefruit so he made a delightful sparkling thing in a fancy glass with that boysenberry french liqueur that comes in a pretty bottle.  Also I’ve noticed they put so much ice in the sparkling water when you order it that it’s shocking and a cool glass of water in the most intense way.

Can someone tell me of a under eye cream that promises to get rid of under eye circles and actually keeps its promise? I want that experience… I want to have a favorite lol.

Loose dresses (shirt dress situations) that are still stylish but you can be fat in peace in

Nails Inc rainbow wishes: it’s like the color of wings and is so lavender and gorgeous

Stila shimmer and glow eyeshadow. I feel like I’ve mentioned this before but it’s the best glitter eyeshadow in the game as far as I’m concerned. No fall out and really easy to apply and so many good metallic options.

Thai Iced Tea the dreamiest best tasting tea I’ve ever encountered and what I’ll be drinking until it’s winter

Least favorites

When someone calls me from a number I don’t recognize…. It stressed me out so much and I hate it.  I save a name of everyone whose number I get so if your calling me and no title pops up it basically means its a stranger calling me and it makes me so uncomfortable.  It’s even worse when you’re on the job search and actually should be picking up the phone cause you’ve been sending it out on resumes in hopes someone would reach out.

Swatching a whole bunch of makeup at a makeup store and then them not having wipes or anything to take if off so you just have to walk around covered in different bright colors and glittery things

Feeling groggy

When one person sits at a four person table in a cafe or restaurant.  I think that’s pretty rude.


February Favorites

Hey, hi, aloha!  These are my materialistic love affairs of the month of January that has gone by way to fast (so fast I almost didn’t make rent lol :D).  Let me know if you’ve tried any of these thing and if you like them or no

Dunkin Donuts Hashbrowns: very cheap and very delicious and my ideal snack when i’m on the go in NYC cause theres a dunkin donuts everywhere

Tone Caffeine and Vanilla Blossom Body Wash: this is my favorite body was i’ve ever used cause it smells divine and I actually feel like it does help me be alive and awake in the morning.  Also it has exfoliating beads which is an added bonus as I didn’t see it on the label.

The Magical Wonderfluff, Acure Organics:  Ok so obviously I bought it for the name but it’s turned into my go to night moisturizer.  The smell is really calming and I think it’s made my skin smoother and look way healthier.

Taking calcium pills: I have to do this cause my birth control has evil side effects that will cause my bones to break if I don’t but I’ve noticed it’s made my nails really long and strong as well so yea.

Toly Moly peach hand cream: comes in the cutest packaging (a peach!) and it smells amazing and makes your hands feel soft right away

Parenthood: It’s the OG This is Us but with out the whole mystery of how a main character died thing… it’s just so good if you like emotional things.  There are so many lovable characters and it is really relatable and real and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I highly recommend it.  Also you can download it from netflix and it has made many subway delays painless.

Least favorites:
When places charge high prices for larger sizes of tea… cause wtf.  In that case you’re being capitalistic as can be and just charging for more water.

When you think you’re making great time and are definitely gonna get to work on time and then your train isn’t running and now you have to stress

Having to work two jobs in one day and not getting to feel like yourself the whole time cause you’re on the clock






January Favorites

These are the things I was feeling this month.  Hope you enjoy and if you’ve tried any of these things let me know how you liked it!

  • the Charcoal Latte from Project Cozy: It’s really good, once you get used to the fact that it’s black. It’s another expensive drink. Also am I the only one who thinks Cozy should be spelled Cosy instead?
  • OGX Bonding Plex leave in cream: I’m not naturally a red head and I dye my hair all the time so it’s horribly irreparably damaged. Once on a particularly good drugstore mini spree where I brought lots of treasures like ice cream and a portable heater I also got this and it’s the only thing I’ve been putting in my hair this 2018.  I keeps it looking ok and less limp and dull than it did before I used it.  It also really softens it. I highly recommend it cause it’s doing all sorts of nice things to my poor hair and usually I don’t really notice my hair products doing much.
  • Bossa Nova: It’s such gentle and jazzy music.  On the 1st of the year I kinda made my best friend and boyfriend breakfast w some 30 cent ramen noodles and eggs and it was a real broke girl breakfast but they like the angels they are didn’t day a thing and they ate it happily and i think the whole thing was saved by the bossa nova pandora radio that was playing in the background making it a kinda classy scene and a real breakfast.  It’s also really good for studying to, moisturizing to or taking a bath too.
  • Making sets of your keys and giving them to your friends who live close by so if you lose them you’re gonna be ok and still get into your house
  • Advil coated tablets: I always get headaches so I always carry this in my bag. I like these pain reliever pills best cause they work pretty fast and they’re sweet so if you have difficulty swallowing you don’t get a horrible taste in your mouth.
  • Making up after a fight and that feeling of relief and thank god I still have them in my life
  • Glass noodles: I rediscovered these from my childhood when my lovely boyfriend spiced up me Chinese order (sesame chicken and lo mein every time) and it’s so delicious.
  • Bubble tea: the most fun drink ever! And it’s also delicious! my favorites are almond with the tapioca bubbles and Thai iced tea.
  • Freeman polishing black sugar and charcoal mask: new favorite mask cause, it made my face feel really clean and clear and almost poreless for a day.
  • Pictures under the Palms: Brookfield Place shows free movies in the Winter garden.  It’s one of the best free events in NYC in my opinion.  They provide free popcorn and bean bags to lay on. It’s really beautiful in there too and this is the perfect dinner and a movie date idea cause you just have to pay for dinner. more info


  • Ugly Supreme stickers everywhere for no reason
  • Waking up late and missing half your day and being severly piseed at your self for resting when you should have been hustling
  • Bad tippers: but this is always my least favorite. You notice it especially in January because people are typically more generous in December cause of the holiday spirit.
  • the fact that its way cheaper to eat unhealthy
  • nail polish: I literally can not keep up with this enough to have my hands looking nice.  I refuse to pay for someone to put paint my nails now that I’m broker than ever so I do it myself (really badly) and it always ruins my efforts in trying to look put together smh.
  • Jobs paying you minimum wage and expecting you to devote your life to them and be the biggest champion of their company and make them super rich…. what is up with that?!

P.S I’m really sorry this is so late…. from not on I really will post the favorites on the 25th of that month. Not that anyone noticed but I promised myself lol

October favorite things

These are my highest recommendations/the things I enjoyed the most this last month.

  1. Stila glitter eye shadow

The color I got is kitten karma and it’s a sparkly nude.  I’ve never ever gotten more compliments on something I painted my face with.  It dries really quick and doesn’t get glitter completely all over your face.  I wear it to work, to the doctor, to the park etc, everywhere, all the time.  Especially to work cause I have to wear all black all the time so it makes things a bit more festive.  It’s a myth that glitter is just for music festivals and New Years Eve… glitter is for when ever you feel like it. eye shadow

2.  Those deliciously plush blankets

The cutest ones I’ve found this fluffy blanket season are the ones at Marshall’s.  They are $20 each and bring so much happiness and warmth into lives everywhere.  They’re probably gonna be my go to holiday gift for all the loved one’s cause what is not to like.

3. tea candles

I worked a birthday party and at the end there were so many left over, I scooped them up and took them home.  The fantasy was to do the thing in the movies where the girl has a long hard day of being a working girl and takes the delightful bath with bubbles and champagne and tea lights around it but 1) I don’t want to put my naked body in my bathtub cause I live with strangers and there’s also probably still hair in the bottom of the tub.  So I just bought myself a mini pumpkin, surrounded the pumpkin with the candles for the tables centerpiece so when I made my boyfriend some quesadillas for breakfast accompanied by truly undrinkable coffee I was able to con him into believing I had made him a real meal.  Looks can be deceiving.  Anyway I sprinkle them around my messy apt and it makes things little teaspoons more glamorous and pretty.

4. juice shots

They taste horrible… but in a weird invigorating way..? Idk, I just love to drink them after I’m feeling particularly guilty about feeding into the whole buy six pizzas get one free thing the dominoes app has going on.  It’s my favorite form of magical thinking and my favorite form of placebo effect.  After I drink them I 1) think I’m starting a diet/whole new lifestyle/ am a whole new person and start to feel my stomach for abs and 2) I literally think that I feel healthier and that my metabolism has picked up and that my skin is glowing after downing these things.  I love being delusional!  Also they’re way cheaper than alcohol shots and “good for you.”

4. Cardigans that are like blankets you can wear but fashionable

I love that this is a trend that makes a reappearance every fall.  I love my clothing as close as possible to bedding.  They have really cheap and great ones at De Janeiro in NYC.

5.  Edy’s Ice Cream

It’s huge, it’s cheap, it’s creamy.  They’re having a 2 for 5 sale at CVS for it.  And I got it for free cause my boyfriend loves me/ice cream.  The caramel one is the best flavor hands down.

6. The podcast The Daily

It’s a news show put out every weekday by the New York Times.  It’s the best morning routine cause it makes me feel like a grown woman and helps me feel like I kinda know whats going on in this freaky world of ours.  The downside is a lot of the time the news is so tragic and hearing all the details of that first thing in the morning is rough.  On the bright side they tell you the date so you can know before you start your day for real and it’s really soothing to hear the guy say I’m Michael Barbaro and this is The Daily.

Dislikes – cause I can’t be sunshine and light all the time… sometimes we’re all haters.

  1. Chipotle is over priced.  Mexican food trucks are the better alternative everyday in every way.
  2. lip gloss and long hair
  3. the cut out shoulder trend (maybe this is just because my shoulders aren’t that cute)
  4. The song Do Re Mi by Blackbear
  5. men at the bar complaining about their ex wives while they pay in cash so their current wives don’t see that they were at the bar

whats in my bag: random working girl edition


Primarily I made this list for myself so that I could check it before I leave the house. And it’s been helpful when I remember to do that though most days I leave the house having forgotten to check the list. C’est la vie.  Also warning, my bag is always ridiculously heavy because I always have a random assortment of these things and I don’t have the magical Mary Poppins bag.

  1. wallet with my movie pass card, debit card, picture of my sister at graduation (more loved one pictures to come), those stupid coffee punch cards, a sprinkle of cash (usually $5) and mta cards.  I usually carry at least 5, one of which has some money on it (I keep meaning to sharpie the functioning one up so I don’t swipe all the wrong cards before I finally get to the real deal but alas I’m not there yet). Also my movie pass card is the best gift I EVER gave to my self.  You pay $10 a month and can see basically any movie at any movie theater for  no charge.  You can go every single day if you want but cost wise its worth it even if you just go to one movie in the whole month.  Movies in Manhattan are around $20 per ticket.
  2. makeup bag (my essentials are sunscreen, chapstick, lipstick, mascara, concealer, powder and an eyebrow pencil, compact mirror)
  3. pens, note pad, and journal (always useful) Also I suggest in your notebook keep a page with all the numbers of your people in case your phone dies and you don’t know any of them by heart cause you’re a millennial. Also your business cards if you have.
  4. a form of id (in case you get gruesomely murdered and no one can tell who you are or if you wanna see an R rated movie)
  5. ear phones, charger, sometimes laptop (if I’m using my big bag and if I think I might be attacked by a sudden urge for productivity)  Not often though…usually when I leave the house I just wanna buy food so I have to bring
  6. snacks, meal (i.e cup of noodles cause you can just throw it in the bag and it’s fifty cents) water, mints/gum, hand lotion, post it’s, tampons/pads, Swiss arm knife, pepper spray
  7. your damn keys

8. Hand sanitizer, cause it’s nasty out here

9. headache pills/medication, eye drops, safety pins, band aids, tooth brush, toothpaste, makeup wipes, mini deodorant, mini perfume, cute tissue packets, and a book (right now it’s Wounds of Passion by Bell Hooks which I strongly recommend).

11. In winter those hand warmer things (such a blessing when it’s freezing out and you’re stuck at a outside subway station until the MTA gets its shit together).

so… thats it/a lot.  I am definitely going to have back problems later in life.

Also what is the most useful thing you carry in your every day bag? let me know!