The 2nd strange man I’ve hit in the last month

5 minutes ago I was walking to the subway from work to go to my hot yoga class listening to my favorite podcast in Spanish Radio Ambulante when I noticed a strange man barreling towards me. The two hours I had between two jobs were supposed to be sacred at at least tranquil. The man was screaming and then he was screaming at me and I took out my headphones and he got in my space and shoved me. I said “get the fuck away from me” and he didn’t. He screamed “pussy, cunt” and then I stopped yelling and instead smiled condescendingly at his face and said “look at yourself” and put an arm in stop signal between us. Then I walked away, heart beat loud and knife buried way too deep in my bag.

In my periferal while this happened I noticed a few men stop in their tracks and watch to make sure I had it under control to watch to see I wouldn’t get hurt. I took care of it and myself as I like to and have to and do. I started to walk away and then noticed there was a cop standing there and I told him what had happened and he said that he had seen it and that’s why he’d walked out of the building he was in (the hospital). He didn’t do anything though but give me a slight attitude for telling him what he had apparently seen and decided to to nothing about. Now I’m on the subway and I think I’m gonna be late to my class.

The first guy who I hit was a guy who saw a girl about my age on her bike and he was in his walking path. Instead of being normal or regular and walking around her he kicked her bike down. She fell in the middle of the street in front of the container store and I hit him in the shoulder. I cursed at him and he cursed back and walked away. The girl was shaken like I am now. Nerve endings shaking and heart breathing a little bit off sync probably.

There’s really no moral or point to this except that men are dangerous and I have impulse control issues. All the danger I’ve ever been in has been because of a male adversary. I just hope we’re all careful and that we don’t run into the wrong person.

TODAY: is a busy fun day

My boyfriend just came back from being upstate last night and we were both the most exhausted.  He’d been hiking and playing chess with his guys) and I’ve been not sleeping in our huge bed cause it feels way too big with out him.  My whole life before I moved to the Brooklyn apt I’d been strictly a twin bed sleeper so this is a whole new situation.  Also we’re pretty sure that there’s a ghost in the house.  The first night I had a pina colada girls night with Tiana and the second night I fled upstate to visit my family and avoid a confrontation with the ghost.  Last night we were going to take a quick nap so we could have fresh minds to try and make sense of the first episode of the 2nd season of West World but that nap turned into just going to bed.

Today I had a site visit for an event we’re having at the 230 5th Ave Igloo Rooftop Bar.  It’s really awesome and has amazing bubble lights hanging from the ceiling (I wanted to take pictures but I also wanted to be professional).  I love it’s red glam interior and lounge couches every where as well as a cool brass lion statue…. I can only imagine how it expensive it must be to get drunk there though.  Jason the guy who was showing me the place showed me the roof and the views are of course phenomenal and I got to see the igloos which are clear plastic things that you can sit it and is someones incredibly genius idea to keep people coming to the rooftop in the frigid nyc winters and I want to meet this person and brainstorm with them/pick their brain.

Any way I say today is going to be a busy fun day cause Tiana and I are going to Wedding Salon’s Spring Show case (which I’m hoping has lots of free samples) and then we’re going to Love Story TV’s 2nd Annual Award Show (which I’m hoping has an open bar).  I am wearing a very cute but kinda stained dress and a pair of stained sweatpants because all my tights have holes in them and I have to buy some before I go to these nice events in which all sorts of rich people are going to be well dressed.  Right now I am at Cha Cha Matcha which is so very melennial but cute.  The cashier’s name was Tessa and she was so nice and I really liked her a lot which is strange because I always through I’d feel competitive if I ever met another Tessa but I guess I’m more mature than I thought.