my favorite ceiling

I love Grand Central station.  I’m sadly rarely there cause I’m always on buses so that means I’m always at Grand Centrals ugly grey brash distant relative Port Authority.  Grand Central is elegant, gorgeous and romantic (people take wedding photos there).  My Mom said when she was younger and NYC was much druggier the ceiling of Grand Central station was really grimy and it was so dirty you couln’t even see the art work.  Tiana and I worked a wedding in North Salem yesterday and we met at 6:30 at the clock.  She brought me coffee which was truly an angel move and I did my makeup on the train and we bought tried pep talking each other into feeling like working lol.  IMG_8809.jpeg

your favorite fake bride to be

Wedding salon was so much fun. Even I could get over how cute of a couple nick and I are lol. A lot of the vendor booths we went to mentioned how we were the chillest least stressed out couple and yea we were chill and not stressed out and that might have something to do with us not planning a wedding lol. Or maybe we’re just young and fabulous idk. You decide. There was a booth with an audio visual company and they sold a dancing robot costume that could should up to dance at the reception and I thought it was the coolest/ most amusing thing. Also I am now very interested in getting married on a beach in Cancun cause it was way less expensive then I thought it would be and also I’ve never been to the beautiful parts of Mexico all the rich white people i ever knew got trashed at every summer. I have been craving a beautiful beach and days with nothing on my to do list for a while now and the urge to go is only getting stronger. I want pina coladas and pools over looking oceans and that tanning oil that smells deliciously like coconuts and summer. Afterwards we went to Nick’s aunts beautiful new house on the upper west side and watched a laughably terrible movie (the Snowman). It’s always so nice to be around them and I hadn’t seen Nick’s mom in too long. Their apartment is so beautiful i hope that one day I’ll get to live somewhere like that and fill the house with my kids and loved ones and be comfortable. It was an almost perfect day. Also this is my new favorite dress.

yesterday’s wedding: pretty in pink

The wedding yesterday was at Cornell (I never thought I’d go to an Ivy legue lol). But I’m one of the few people who can say they went to Cornell and made money lol. The bride and groom met at the college and during one of the speeches one of the guy looked at the head table and said with the money we spent on tuition we could have bought a small country. But they were such lovey people and I teared up way more times than any other wedding. The toasts were so good and sentimental. Ok here are the pictures 🙂