Puppy Heartbreak

On Tuesdays Nick and I usually go to the movies and we’ve discovered that there’s a puppy shop on the way there. The first time we went Nick picked out which puppy we were gonna play with and it was a Brussels griff and it was an insane fluff of a thing. He was adorable but a ball of 100% unrefined pure energy and was trying to attach us and the buttons on Nick’s shirt and my shoe laces and everything in sight at the same time. We loved him but he was the craziest creature we’ve met lol.

This time I picked out the puppy, a tiny Pomeranian. I’ve wanted a Pomeranian since middle school when I started begging my parents (for years, and years literally until I moved out). I did not get a Pomeranian but one year at Christmas I got a battery operated barking chihuahua stuffed animals…🙃. Anyway since I’m not a rich person and my apt does not allow dogs and I have a full time job and I live in nyc I can not get a dog. My dream is to get two Pomeranians and name them Mimosa and Bellini (Mimi and Bella for short) and once that dream comes true I’ll know that I’ve made it.

Until then we’ll continue to go to the puppy store on our way to the movies on Tuesday’s. Even though this last time really hurt. We really fell in love with the Pomeranian we played with. She was so sweet and fun and cuddly and we both just loved her so much and considered grabbing her and making a real run for it.

One day we will have our pups and our life together … one day.

1st out of country work trip

LOL I love that I can say that, it makes me feel successful even though I’m not! Yay!

But I get to go to beautiful places for my side hustle and I really love and admire my boss which is awesome.  And I really love the work.

I think that’s more than I can say for any other job I’ve ever had by far.

Tomorrow morning I board a direct flight to Antigua. It’s my first time to a Carribean island (meaning my first time seeing clear blue water !! I’m so excited!) and my first time flying business class (so bougie!).

We have a wedding there this November so this 2 day trip is the site visit so we can get a sense of what it’s going to be like and meet the other vendors and such (I actually have never done an out of country site visit so idk lol).  My one wish is that at some point I get to go in the water, and my other wish is that

Also Nick and I went to Coney Island yesterday so I’m a real gorgeous shade of lobster and I’m hoping I don’t look totally ridiculous tomorrow when I meet the client.  I’ve been layering aloe and masks and everything in hope that it gets fixed before tomorrow.  I was also attacked by mosquitos in my sleep and of course, they were incredibly rude and went straight for the face (this is something that I have come to expect).  It was an amazing day and probably the closest thing I’ll get to a vacation this year but I don’t even care cause 1) it was an amazing day and 2) we’re going to Indonesia in 7 months!! ]

But please wish my professional luck cause I really don’t wanna be awkward or clueless or stupid nervous.  I wanna look like the working professional I hope to one day be.