Small Ways to be more Eco Friendly

I was thinking of how I can be better to the world in the shower today (while trying step by step to unwind).  It’s hard not to constantly stress about the state of the planet and these little things have helped me turn that anxiety into action (no matter how small).  Do what you can and don’t beat your self up 🙂

  1. When you don’t need one ask for no receipt.
  2. Pack your own lunch in a reusable lunch container.
  3. Go thrifting! Also, this is so fun because there’s nothing more rewarding than getting a unique piece for way cheaper then you would at a place that makes thousands of the same item.
  4. Bring your own water bottle from home and refill it when you drink it all instead of buying a disposable plastic water bottle.  And if you do forget and need to buy a plastic water bottle refill it and use it a few times before you toss it.
  5. Wash your hair less.  I used to wash my hair every time I got in the shower (every day) and then I read how actually this isn’t good for your hair and strips it of your natural oils that make it shiny and healthy-looking.  I now wash my hair once every few showers and go through shampoo and conditioner a lot less then I used to and my hair looks way better than before. Win, win.
  6. See if you could be a paper towel/napkin free home and use rags and cloth napkins instead.
  7. Turn off the lights when you leave the room.

About Antigua

I went to Antigua for work for a site visit for the wedding we have there in November.  I’ll spend a week there in late November into December but this trip was just one full day and two days of travel.  I spent a lot of time on the beach in meetings but I didn’t get to go in the water.  That’s ok with me though because in February Nick and I are going to Indonesia and we’re going go to the beach tons. Here are some thoughts and things I learned.

1.There are wild goats everywhere!! I really wanted to hang out with them but I didn’t get a chance. But there were so many just scattered along sides the roads.

2. I saw the most and brightest stars I’ve ever seen.  I love how small and thoughtless it made me feel as I looked at them.

3.  I had my first (and 2nd and 3rd) rum punch.  We had it at three different restaurants so I got to do a taste test and my favorite one was the one that was more spiced.

4. Sundays at a place called Roadhouse is super lit on Sundays, it’s the place to be. Hundreds of locals come out and dance to the live reggae. According to everyone we asked the best thing to eat is the fried chicken and in the morning they have different flavored pancakes. There’s an appetizer on the menu called goat water (which is goat stew basically).

5.  Lots of Antigens have never been to Barbuda.

6. All the houses are so colorful and lovely. There are lots of pastels and to my great happiness lots of houses painted shades of peach and pink.  If I lived there I’d either paint my house light blue, lavender or a peach.  It made my home seem very bleek.

7. Susie’s hot sauce is an antigen made product and according to one person I spoke to the only product made in Antigua that’s sold on amazon. It has a serious burn. You can also customize the front and put a photo of yourself. This is what I brought home as gifts and there’s a photo below of the one I bought at the airport 🙂 At the cash register I told the cashier thank you for having this president on the bottle and please never have our evil one.  She assured me they would never do such a thing.

8.  It was my time flying first class and it was amazing.  I sat in the seat closest to the captain and had my whole aisle to myself and felt like so lucky.  They fed me (it was really good food tbh) and we got to choose between two meals.  And you could have as many beverages as you like which was really such a luxurious touch.  Before I boarded the plan I spent $20 on some earphones just to find that they provide complimentary earphones (how was am always economy girl to know?). They also provide polar fleece blankets and I hope everyone’s very proud of me for not stealing one, it was difficult for me.

These beaches were voted the most beautiful in the world a while back by travel magazine (I was told)

I’ve not seen these flowers in photos – so it was cool to confirm with my own eyes that they’re real.

It was really good (and my first time eating a meal on an airplane). And the view out the window was even better.

The Susie’s hot sauce I talked about above. I brought this one home for Nick

My first time eating Mahi mahi and my first time having rum punch (and double fisting at lunch lol)

how to easily feel like you’re doing better

Being a good person is easy! Here are a few tiny things you can do to feel like you’re a decent human being and making this world a kinder and purer place.

  1. Become an organ donor. (
  2. Give blood (also a lot of places in the south will let you give plasma and pay for for it)
  3. Hold the door
  4. Give someone who needs it some metro card money.
  5. Give a clueless tourist directions.
  6. Bake your friends cookies/bring them a coffee
  7. Go cruelty free with your makeup. It’s actually easier than you think. (
  8. If you work in food service and at the end of the night you throw food out instead take it and give it to homeless people.
  9. If you see a purse / bag you don’t want anymore fill it up with useful stuff (snack bars, tampons, mittens etc) and give it to a homeless person.
  10. Give an insanely good tip. It’s really fun to do, especially if you’ve worked as a waitress and you know how happy it would make you.