I’m a nanny now.

I’m pretty happy right now.  I’m really hoping I’m out of my rut.  I have a job that I truly love and adore.  I get to take care of some really good and smart kids and it makes my heart happy.  It’s hard work and physically and sometimes emotionally taxing but it’s one of the only job’s I’ve gotten to do that is so so very worth it.  I’m the nanny to 4 children full time but it’s not too insane cause the mom is a stay at home mom so I’m not alone with all of the kids at once all the time.  It’s fun and rewarding and challenging and everything I’d want from a job and more.  We go to the park and the library a lot and I get to make dinner and read books and try to convince the kids not to go up slides and run into walls of the house with their baby strollers!  I really like the family and the mom and it makes me realize how much I do love people.  It’s making me hopeful about the future.  I really love my family and my friends and my novio and now I really love my job and I don’t know how to thank the universe enough.

ALSO every day it’s getting closer to Christmas!! It’s already less than 100 days.  I just love everything starting in October and ending in December (September is just pregaming for my happiest season for me).  I’m ready.

a Mexican approving of a Korean taco

Hi! hi!

I went upstate to visit my family and went to my favorite restaurant Yum Yum which is Asian street food inspired (that’s how they describe themselves i think).  But I branched out and ordered something besides my regular order of pad thai and had these delicious tacos that Olivia had one time and I’ve been dreaming of eating ever since.  I was a special type of hungry so I also ordered the bibimbap.  I have just discovered the bibimbap cause Hali brought me to the Tofu House in Koreatown, NYC and it was amazing and so flavorful.  It came with a side tofu soup and that came with a raw egg which I got to crack into my near boiling soup and mix it and it cooked and was so satisfying.  Anyways here’s photos of both meals cause look how beautiful.


🇲🇽a very Mexican post🇲🇽

The first game Mexico played in the World Cup was on Father’s Day and we won 1-0 against the reining world champs Germany. My dad nick and I watched it in a Mexican bar in midtown and it was us a bunch of Mexicans and a single German lady eating brunch alone at the table next to us lmao. What a head trip. When we won the game my dad asked her to take a picture with the Mexican flag (she declined).